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@BlackGirlDanger – That’s How The F*CK White People Sound

How White People Sound When They “Disagree” With PoC About Racism

Don’t Talk About Children In Haiti Who Eat Dirt Cookies

I had this conversation with my family yesterday, after about 20

Trumphod Donaldbrox – Donald Trump and the Politics of Politics

Does anyone recall the president in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

In Further Developments over on Sherri Viani Tull’s page with Lois Hamilton

and Lois Hamilton After she unfriended me they continued to post

Some People Can’t Hear The Truth Even When It Is… Sherri Vaini Tull

Some people can’t hear the truth even when it is spelled

Does Recognition of White Privilege Make Me Black and The Child Of Slaves? – Steve Krank Balzer

Fun Fact I am a white person who benefits from white