Disrupt the White Folks Sanctuary – Baltimore – Freddie Gray


I know there are going to be a few of you who will find my upcoming comments crazy but bare with me.

Here is a list of upscale neighborhoods in the baltimore area. Stop throwing rocks at police in your own neighborhoods, stop preventing commerce and education in your own neighborhoods. Walk, bus, ride a damn horse and get on over to where the rich white folks play. Stop commerce in their neighborhoods, stop their pasty little kids from going to school, don’t let them get into Starbucks tomorrow morning for their half caf double decaf. Make them sit in traffic in them bmw’s until they run out of gas.

Oh and I bet you will see an about face on attitude… all you are going to get from what is going on is a bunch of finger wagging and dismissiveness. I am not saying burn building or physically hurt people in upscale neighborhoods. BUT DISRUPT!!! Commerce, traffic, education, afternoon lattes and things with change promise you that. Believe me white folks hate it when they can’t get to their beanie babies on ebay!


Flagship Neighborhood: Federal Hill

No neighborhood has benefited from the trend in urban renewal quite like Federal Hill, where professional 20- and 30-somethings as well as a growing flock of empty-nesters have bought up and renovated the 19th-century brick row houses and created a lively and tightknit community dominated by singles and newlyweds enjoying the first blush of urban living. Federal Hill contains a phalanx of bars and restaurants, the newly renovated Cross Street Market, funky, locally owned shops and is located within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and downtown so residents can often walk to work.


Flagship neighborhood: Guilford

Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and kept tidy under the watchful eye of the Guilford Association, this is one of Baltimore’s most attractive neighborhoods and a sought-after address. Guilford is known for the exquisite architecture of its large, gracious homes and for its lovely gardens and parks. Each spring Baltimoreans flock to Guilford’s Sherwood Gardens to witness its masses of blooming tulips. A nationally registered historic district, homes in Guilford are a luxury item and come with a hefty price tag, ensuring the neighbors are predominantly well-to-do professionals, often with families.


Flagship Neighborhood: Charles Village

Charles Village is as vibrant as the “painted ladies” — brightly painted Victorian row houses — for which it is known. Located next to Baltimore’s intellectual center, Johns Hopkins University, and its cultural gem, the Baltimore Museum of Art, Charles Village has the feeling of a small college town with bohemian urban flair. There is a mix of row houses, high rises and adaptive reuse warehouse lofts to fit every budget, and the neighborhood is ethnically and racially diverse. Anything goes here; longtime blue-collar residents coexist with hipster couples, immigrant families, and retired people.


Flagship Neighborhood: Canton

Fifteen years ago Canton was the land that time forgot. The area that was once home to bustling waterfront industrial activity and the immigrant populations who made up Baltimore’s blue-collar base became a ghost town when local rust belt industry dried up. Young professionals returning to the city and the desire for waterfront homes drove unprecedented urban renewal that has filled Canton’s brick row houses with yuppies and its luxury harbor-front condominiums with retired couples, divorcees and anyone bored with the suburbs. The Canton Square and its host of watering holes create a social hub.


Flagship Neighborhood: Mt. Washington

This community was originally a “street car” suburb where wealthy Baltimoreans could head to avoid the heat of the central city and relax in the relative cool of the far-flung outskirts. Mt. Washington still brings together that feeling of suburban quiet and urban vitality, though the street car has been replaced by the Light Rail. There are small bungalow homes and large Victorian houses as well as a smattering of garden apartments that appeal to individuals, couples, families and empty-nesters — all of whom are invested in the community and likely to stay. At the hub of the community is Mt. Washington Village, which features small shops, restaurants and salons.

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