City Of Tacoma Fuzzy Math – Michael Smith City Attorney For Tacoma PD – DUI CHARGES

Today I attended the Tacoma City Council meeting to try to flush out the correct answer to whether Michael Smith – Deputy City Attorney For the Tacoma Police Department is actually on paid administrative leave as reported in news reports, contrary to the evidence he is not.

27 October 2015 – Mayor Marilyn Strickland told me Michael Smith is on paid administrative leave.

26 September 2015 – Micheal Smith – Deputy Tacoma City Attorney for the Tacoma Police Department wound up in handcuff for drunk driving, later reported to be with a BAC of 2.1, and hit-and-run. Two local news reports say that he was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation and that his duties had been reassigned.

Lawyer for Tacoma PD arrested on suspicion of DUI, hit-and-run

TACOMA, Wash. – The lawyer for Tacoma’s police department wound up in handcuffs over the weekend, arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and hit-and-run. According to a report by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Tacoma City Attorney Mike Smith hit a power pole near 91st and Cirque around 1 a.m.

It is very concerning that the preceding report on KIROTV says he was walking around after arrested and took out his city ID. Did he try to use his position to get out of trouble? WHY HAS MICHAEL SMITH NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH THIS BEHAVIOR?

Tacoma police legal adviser arrested on suspicion of DUI

A legal adviser for the Tacoma Police Department has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

14 October 2015 – Funny, thing I talked to Michael Smith in the Tacoma City Municipal building in his official capacity.  He was dressed for work, wore a city ID and introduced himself to me as Micheal Smith – Deputy Tacoma City Attorney.

16 October 2015 – I contemporaneously wrote about our meeting and how disappointed I was to find out about the DUI and hit and run charges.

19 October 2015 – I got an email from Lisa Anderson the Tacoma City Disclosure Assistant.

20 October 2015 – he was arraigned on DUI with a BAC of 2.1 and hit and run.  That same day the Tacoma News Tribune wrote and artical that would indicate Micheal Smith was still on paid administrative leave.

Tacoma police legal adviser pleads not guilty to DUI charge

A Tacoma police legal adviser pleaded not guilty to a drunken-driving charge Tuesday.

21 October 2015 – I called him on his direct line office phone (253) 591-5483 and he answered the phone.

27 October 2015 – After returning from the Tacoma City Council meeting, I had another report that he appeared to be working.  They had talked to him again in his official capacity on the phone.

Hmm, I am confused. Did they really put him on leave? Then let him come back to work. Then place him back on leave? I am completely confused. Maybe there is someone out there that can sort out this Tacoma City BS.  I sure can’t.  But I want you to remember this TACOMA CITY COUNCIL  story is so inconsistent who can believe anything you have to say.  The city needs to come forth and tell us what the real deal is.  UPDATED


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